Furniture as a Service

Your dream interior at an affordable montly rate.
Together we reduce fast-furniture waste.
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Your life is always changing, why
not your furniture?

livelight aims to provide you with your dream interior when you need it at an affordable monthly fee.

Undisputed flexibility

Pay your products monthly and return everything when you're done, or buy your pieces for the balance of what you've already paid.

Great style within reach

Our collections go back to the essence of what we think good design is. Pieces full of character, made of quality materials that age beautifully

Impeccable delivery

Your furniture will be delivered and assembled by our qualified team. In terms of days, not weeks.


How we work

Return, Change or Buy the furniture when it fits your needs.
Get full peace of mind with our free delivery & recovery service.

1. Pick your dream design for a montly fee

We aim to bring versitale, comfortable and good looking furniture in an easy shopping experience.

2. We deliver and assemble it at your place

Our experts will set a delivery time and accommodate what fits you the best.

3. Change, Return or Own when you want

Feel free to change, return or buy the furniture after your desired rental period. Never pay more than the retail price. 

Peace of mind

  • What if I don't like the furniture?
  • What if I leave? What if I stay?
  • Isn't renting more expensive?

livelight allows you to change, return or buy any piece of furniture, so you always have the best deal.

I impressed my visitors

Everything went smooth and I now have a great interior right from the start instead of having to save up heaps of money. 

Julia - verified customer

"It changed my life"

I'm consider myself an ambitious person and I might rellocate for work the coming years. LiveLight has allowed me to not compromise between style and commitment. 

Frank - verified buyer

"No more throwing stuff away"

LiveLight is a game-changer for me. Next time I want to update my interior or move to another place I can just call them instead of throwing things away.

Rebecca - verified buyer

No more buyer's remorse

I used to compromise and ended up buying cheap furniture in a major retailer. I often regretted my purchases. Now I can easily change when I want. 

Benjamin - verified customer



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