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Full service furniture solutions for a monthly fee. Enjoy your flexible home office, rent from 6 to 60 months. Feel free to change, return or buy the furniture whenever you want.

Home office available starting from €15,5/month

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Find your perfect home office solution at a monthly rate. Choose the option that fits your needs an adjustable desks, a desk with drawers and more...

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Need a chair that fits your desk? Find high quality chairs for a low monthly fee. Enjoy the flexibility of live light. Pick the option that fit your needs best.

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Return, swap or buy whenever you want

Freedom & Flexibility

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Affordable design

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Business solutions

Your company can grow, your staff can alter, activities can change. Remote working is currently more the rule than the exception.

You can provide your employees with the ideal home office to allow them to focus at home. With Furniture as a Service you can return or add products on a monthly basis.

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