Live Light Project: Sofitel Marseille

Live Light high in the sky at Sofitel Marseille

Our Ethnicraft's Bok Dining Chairs and Oak Torsion Dining table looking over the Vieux Port at Marseille at the restaurant of Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port. Enjoy a tasteful experience with a spectacular view. Holiday vibe guaranteed!


"L'effet Mer", A gastronomic experience

The famous restaurant "Les Trois Forts" will be hosting you at Sofitel Marseille during the Summer season. Enter the universe of the Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port and discover an original concept called "Effet Mer".

Together with a splendid panorama of Marseille and the marine fragrances, this new exceptional place welcomes you every day for lunch and dinner, to let you discover a menu with local flavors, sublimated by the Chef Dominique Frerard whose dishes are inspired by the Mediterranean landscape.

"L'Effet Mer" is not only a restaurant that will awaken your taste buds, it is also an opportunity to sublimate Provence through events, a decor and a staging that honor the producers and creators of the region until late September.


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